? Profiles for LED stripes

Caps for aluminium LED profiles

We can supply caps for aluminium LED profiles. We can make special tools for demanded size and produce caps. Depending on demands we can make caps from PCV or Polycarbonate (PC). We welcome all genuine enquiries relating to any aspect of our business and we will endeavour, depending on the nature of the enquiry, to respond by the quickest means available to us. Our phone number +48 (022) 742 14 80 or mail info@compare.pl

New! Profiles LED

We are making Profiles LED with cap from transparent PVC
Thus using special kind of PVC, we achieve very good quality surface with high light pass coefficient. For different kinds as follows:

  • profile LED transparent - 93%
  • profile LED frosted - 78%
  • profile LED milky-white - 63%
LED profiles are extruded from plastic of low density, which allows flexibility and possibility of application not only for straight profiles but also for arcs.

We are producing LED profiles in three sizes allowing pararell installation up to three LED stripes.

Sample photos and application:

Tube for LED Lights
from 16mm up to 63mm
Elements for LED tube Accessories:
end caps, holder,
LED stripe support

Profile type SLIM scheme Profile type SLIM white/transparentny
LS1506T Colour:W
Profil SLIM white/opal
LS1506M Colour:W
Profile type SLIM jasnogray/transparent
LS1506T Colour:LG
Profile type SLIM jasnogray/opal
LS1506M Colour:LG
Profile type SLIM brownowy/transparent
LS1506T Colour:BR
Profile type SLIM brownowy/opal
LS1506M Colour:BR
Profile type SLIM black/transparentny
LB1506T Colour:B
Profile type SLIM black/opal
LS1506M Colour:B

Profile type STANDARD scheme Profile type Standard white/transparent
LT1510T Colour:W
Profile type Standard white/opal
LT1510M Colour:W
Profile type Standard jasnogray/transparent
LS1510T Colour:LG
Profile type Standard jasnogray/opal
LT1510M Colour:LG
Profile type Standard brown/transparent
LT1510T Colour:BR
Profile type Standard brown/opal
LT1510M Colour:BR
Profile type Standard black/transparent
LT1510T Colour:B
Profile type Standard black/opal
LT1510M Colour:B

Profile type MAX scheme Profile type MAX white/transparent
LS2010T Colour:W
Profile type MAX white/opal
LS20CML Colour:W
Profile type MAX gray/transparent
LS20STR Colour:G
Profile type MAX gray/opal
LS20SML Colour:G
Profile type MAX brown/trsnpsrent
LS20BRTR Colour:BR
Profile type MAX brown/opal
LS20BRML Colour:BR
Profile type MAX black/transparent
LS20CTR Colour:B
Profile type MAX black/opal
LS20CML Colour:B

Profile type MAX UP scheme Profile type MAX UP white/transparent
LB2020T Colour:W
Profile type MAX UP white/opal
LB2020M Colour:W
Profile type MAX UP gray/transparent
LS2020G Colour:G
Profile type MAX UP gray/opal
LS2020M Colour:G
Profile type MAX UP brown/transparent
LR2020T Colour:BR
Profile type MAX UP brown/opal
LR2020M Colour:BR
Profile type MAX UP black/transparent
LB2020T Colour:B
Profile type MAX UP black/opal
LB2020M Colour:B

Profile type CORNER scheme Profile type CORNER white/transparent
LNT Colour:W
Profile type CORNER white/nleczny
LNM Colour:W
Profile type CORNER jasnogray/transparent
LNT Colour:LG
Profile type CORNER jasnogray/opal
LNM Colour:LG
Profile type CORNER brown/transparent
LNT Colour:BR
Profile type CORNER brown/opal
LNM Colour:BR
Profile type CORNER black/transparent
LNB Colour:B
Profile type CORNER black/opal
LNB Colour:B

Profile type LINE scheme Profile type LINE white/transparent
LBT Colour:W
Profile type LINE white/opal
LBML Colour:W
Profile type LINE gray/opal
LSML Colour:LG
Profile type LINE gray/transparent
LSTR Colour:LG
Profile type LINE brown/transparent
Profile type LINE brown/opal
Profile type LINE black/transparent
LCTR Colour:BL
Profile type LINE black/opal
LCML Colour:BL

Profile type COLLAR scheme Profile type collar white/transparent
FBTR Colour:W
Profile type collar white/opal
FBML Colour:W
Profile type collar gray/opal
FSML Colour:G
Profile type collar brownowy/transparent
FBRT Colour:BR
Profile type collar brownowy/opal
Profile type collar black/transparent
FCT Colour:B
Profile type collar black/opal
FCML Colour:B

Profile type halfpipe
scheme Colour:W
Profile type halfpipe
PBML Colour:W
Profile type halfpipe
PSML Colour:G
Profile type halfpipe
PBRML Colour:W